In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Destihl Flanders Red

Aroma: “Some malt sweetness of caramel, biscuit, melanoidin malt, and toast up front. Next up is the dark fruits, including cherries, raspberries, plum, and raisin. The woody spice from the hops warms with light, pleasant spicy notes, and a hint of lemony tartness.”

Flavor: “Sharp sour up front, with a bit of metallic character. Lemon juice sour notes are followed by malt notes of biscuit, toast, and a hint of caramel—a dark malt background that keeps the acidity in check. The finish is a bit tart and lingers.”

Overall: “Interesting concept, but the strong metallic character and acidity make this a hard sell. The fruity complexity is amazing, with a sangria-like or mulled wine fruit character. There are individual characteristics within this beer that are nice, but the sum is slightly less than those parts.”