In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


O'so Brewing Company Framrood

Aroma: “High raspberry with slight sour notes in the background. I get clear berry, but there’s also an aged cheese component a bit like oxidized hops. Big horsey Brett and light acidity and sweetness, with lots of earthy woody goodness. Berries complement rather than dominate.”

Flavor: “Nice big raspberry flavor com- plemented by a firm but not excessive sourness that is most present once the sip has ended. Other Brett-derived flavors are stronger than the acidic tart- ness. The cheesy quality comes through some in the flavor, but not as much as the aroma suggests.”

Overall: “This raspberry- and Brett- dominated beer is fun. Lactic shows up at the tail end, but is still third fiddle. The nose is quite fun with Brett horse blanket and raspberry blending together with an earthy fruity goodness. The outstanding earthy/woody character comes through in the flavor and the aroma.”