In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Deschutes Brewery Fresh Squeezed IPA

Aroma: “Smells like Smarties and perfume. Hops are a bit muted and come through as citrus (lemon and grapefruit) and floral (rose and raspberry), followed by a malt sweetness with hints of caramel. This is a citrus bomb with a big floral note.”

Flavor: “Very light and fruity. Very low bittering hops (with an herbal, lemon pith profile) and a high amount of flavoring hops—floral, fruity. Very slight astringency in the finish. A bready, cracker-like body. Finish is almost sweet and out of balance for the style.”

Overall: “A bit overwhelming from the fruity hops perspective and a little bit sweet for an IPA. Could use a little more brightness to make it pop. Too much malt sweetness and the hops aroma seemed to over-promise and under-deliver in flavor. I liked the hops complexity but wanted more of it in the flavor.”