In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


WeldWerks Brewing Co. Fruity Bits Peaches and Cream

Aroma: “Peach notes with sweet malt and vanilla, coming through very sweet and perfumy—like fresh baked bread. A touch of citrus hops with esters playing a supportive role to the fruit. Smells like peaches-and-cream hard candies.”

Flavor: “Peaches and cream, with a heavy dose of sweetness. The malt is soft, bread-like, and doughy—very big for the style, and the touch of vanilla puts it over the top. The hops bitterness is low for the style, but definitely there. The finish is drier than expected, with little lingering sweetness.”

Overall: “The peach and vanilla are so dominant, and the flavor is delicious, but the overall beer is rather simple for the evident strength. It’s a dessert beer, with an interesting combination of fresh fruit and vanilla flavors, and one you’d savor. By no means is this a traditional IPA base, but it’s not a traditional fruit beer, either. That said, it’s well executed in creating flavors that instantly evoke peaches and cream.”