In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Devils Backbone Gold Leaf

Aroma: “Honey, white grapes, floral hops, and light bread give this a champagne-like sweetness. Toasty malt with delicate hops that have a sulfur, spicy, and white pepper note, with very light pumpkin seed.”

Flavor: “The light cracker maltiness with a hint of honey is sweet, but not too sweet. The hops are floral, earthy, herbal, and spicy, and the bitterness drops off at the end. Nice, dry, and clean at the finish.”

Overall: “Enjoyable and refreshing, this beer is clean and crisp and flows well throughout the taste. The bitterness and carbonation play off each other to create an almost harsh taste at the beginning, before it diminishes very quickly after the sip. A bit more body with balance would make this beer more enjoyable.”