In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Ballast Point Brewing Company Habanero Sculpin

Aroma: “Aroma is light overall with a moderate amount of ancho chile pepper aroma. There’s some citrus light pine and grassy hops behind that.”

Flavor: “Chile pepper is a bit more apparent in the flavor with grassy, herbal, and slight piney hops. Maybe a bit of citrus. There’s a fair amount of heat, which masks a lot of the flavor, but there’s a malt backbone supporting it. Tastes like Anaheim and jalepeño chiles with some peach and orange character from the hops. Clean beer beneath with bitterness that complements the heat.”

Overall: “Fairly hot but not a ton of character in the aroma or flavor besides that. Okay if you like spicy things, but I would like more flavor to match. The base beer is crisp and clean, which pairs well with the heat. It’s probably good that it’s not hoppier; that would probably just end up clashing.”