In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Victory Brewing Company Headwaters Pale Ale

Aroma: “Floral hops aroma meets medium sweet malt with biscuit notes verging on caramel. Light esters of pear or peach and very subdued citrus notes. Mild floral hops, with a fair amount of peach. Musty yeast aromatics, low orange peel hops, lovely honey-bread crust malt, low but noticeable.”

Flavor: “Full bodied with a sweeter malt finish and hops bitterness to match the body. Hops are mostly piney and resinous with a touch of lemon. Moderate hops flavor—peach, pear, and some cherry, with a proper bitter finish. Initial flavor is much more simple than aromatics suggest—a good surprise. Lovely.”

Overall: “Well crafted, balanced pale ale. Hops flavor lingers into aftertaste with juicy citrus notes and fresh pine boughs. Right down the center of the style, an archetypal example. Carb makes the hops pop, and then the bitterness lingers. Great West Coast hops character. Nicely balanced beer. Stylewise it may be a bit bitter overall, but the malt complexity backs it up well.”