In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Destihl Here Gose Nothing

Aroma: “Big on coriander, with some mild pepper spice and citrus aromas of orange and tangerine. Tart with a bit of funk and moderate acidity on the nose. A hint of salt, sweet pale malt aroma, and some earthiness.”

Flavor: “Complex, unique tartness up front, with hints of lemon juice, which works surprisingly well with the moderate level of salt. Nice, soft malt background that balances the tartness, and no hops bitterness. Huge coriander, with a SweeTarts mix of malt and sour, and a big salty kiss that lingers into the aftertaste. Every sip hits pretty strong, but some of the other notes have to build to be noticed, like the phenolic spiciness and ester complexity.”

Overall: “Fairly balanced and well-done, although a bit heavy-handed with the salt. Lots of balanced complexity, with tartness that’s supported by a tasty base beer.”