In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Adelbert's Brewery Hibiscus Saison

Aroma: “Light berry and spicy aroma, and as it warms, a slight herbal note starts to come out. It has a surprisingly hoppy nose that is a little dank and resinous. Floral sweetness from the hibiscus along with some cherry esters and a light peppery backing.”

Flavor: “Light and delicate. Sweet and tart from the hibiscus notes. Medium body, light malt sweetness, a touch low on the carbonation for a saison, moderate acidity, light lemon, touch of hops floral notes and grassy, some light black pepper. Aftertaste is sweet with a slight acidity and a very light bitterness.”

Overall: “The delicate nature of the saison body and the sweet/tartness of the hibiscus are enjoyable. But the carbonation is quite a bit low, making the beer border on cloyingly sweet.”