In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company Homegrown Saison

Aroma: “Light white grape with a touch of Brett funk. As it warms, a bit of raspberry and moderate spicy, earthy hops. Bright lemon character up front with some subtle floral/perfume notes reminiscent of roses and lilies. Super perfume-y—roses and irises, orange, and a bit of spice in the background with some barnyard Brett funk.”

Flavor: “Moderate spiciness up front with a slight chili flavor (not the heat). Creamy consistency with a moderate vanilla note toward the back. Raspberry notes and an earthy spiciness. Aftertaste has a bit of a peach-skin astringency that lingers well after the sip. Nice stone-fruit and lemon esters mixed with a floral character. Subtle acidity in the back adds to the citrus flavors.”

Overall: “Interesting take featuring a complex fermentation character, exhibiting some notes not often seen in the style. Well-balanced, making it very drinkable and refreshing. Light and tart citrus and Brett funk play a nice supporting role.”