In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Jack's Abby Brewing Hoponius Union

Aroma: “A blast of grapefruit and orange citrus. Resinous hops are thick and assertive. Plenty of biscuity and nutty malt in the background supply backbone. Some sulfur tells you it’s a lager. No esters to distract from the hops.”

Flavor: “Full-bodied and almost sweet. Strong, beautiful, juicy hops flavor of citrus and cedar. The clean hops bitterness is firm but not overwhelming. Malt is strong enough to support the hops and adds complexity.”

Overall: “Sweet and resinous, this nails the “India Pale” part of the description. As a lager, it’s not exactly quaffable, owing to the flavor explosion. A great IPL that showcases hops without the distraction of fermentation by-products.”