In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Harpoon Hoppy Adventure

Aroma: “Some interesting apple, peach, and pear esters, almost Belgian-like in ester/phenolic balance. Floral and woodsy hops notes emerge, and plenty of toasty biscuit and bread crust malt. As it warms, there is an aroma reminiscent of orange Gummy Bears.”

Flavor: “Moderate fruity malt sweetness up front with a big grassy, woody, and earthy hops flavor and moderate bitterness. Stone-fruit esters and low-level peppery phenolics dominate, with a touch of malt sweetness to support. There is an odd through-line of sharp bitterness that doesn’t really dissipate until long after the swallow. Tastes more like a Belgian golden strong than a New England IPA.”

Overall: “This tastes like fresh hops were used, with a grassy, chewy flavor. Lots of hops flavor, but the variety is woody or earthy as opposed to fruity. Perhaps this is an aged representation of this beer, but the choice of hops clashes a lot with the rest of the beer. Some odd choices make for a curious beer.”