In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Alpine Beer Company Hoppy Birthday

Aroma: “Tropical fruit (mangos and pineapple) with an earthy finish. Some fresh hay aroma from dry hopping. The aroma changes as the beer opens—from fruity to more earthy. Lemon-drop candy, pine needles, grass, and spruce tips. Caramel malt character adds balance and interest. Spicy hops with herbal notes of mint, oregano, and thyme.”

Flavor: “Full-flavored—lots of sticky hops and some bready malt. Some earthy hops flavors with lemon peel, herbal notes, and pine needles are supported by a fun caramel malt depth. Bitterness is appropriately firm but not overdone. Residual front-of-the-tongue bitterness/astringency is surprising but far from unpleasant.”

Overall: “Earthy and satisfying, this IPA has a commanding presence. The hops flavors lean toward the spicy/woody end of the spectrum. An enjoyable session IPA that offers a bit more character than is often typical in this category. More like a hopped-up American pale ale in many ways.”