In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


The Post Brewing Company Howdy Beer

Aroma: “Light lemon and orange, spice, and floral notes, with a low, sweet Pilsner malt. Slight pepper phenolics and floral characters underneath that quickly become more complex as it warms. Unique fruity hops and an interesting herbal note.”

Flavor: “Initially, a sugary malt character, with medium-low orange notes. Nice Pilsner malt character, with some delicate biscuit, almost like toasted cracker. Prominent hops bitterness throughout, with some lingering astringency. Good carbonation and finishes clean and refreshing.”

Overall: “The SweeTart candy flavor balances nicely with the hops bitterness and the floral, peppery notes. Finishes fairly bitter and cleanses the palate, making you want another sip. Well-crafted, well-executed beer that was happily enjoyed.”