In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Two Roads Brewing Co. Igor’s Dream

Aroma: “An interesting combination of roasted malt and subtle floral, juicy hops notes. Medium dark chocolate blends well with vanilla from the barrel and is delicately accentuated by bright fruity esters (cherry, pineapple, orange). Sweet but slightly bitter. Slight bourbon and some oak character.”

Flavor: “A surprisingly unique citrus and chocolate combination with a decent amount of roast added for good measure. Some nice barrel characteristics (vanilla), but they only enhance the wild show going on between whatever hops these brewers are using and the delicious chocolatiness they’ve developed.”

Overall: “One of the most unique barrel-aged stouts I’ve ever enjoyed. The curious use of juicy hops doesn’t distract but enhances the rich stout and barrel flavors already present. Well crafted! Really enjoyed the orange/pineapple esters which are not typical of the style.”