In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Evil Twin Brewing Imperial Biscotti Break

Aroma: “A very apparent nuttiness on the first sniff, with a slight vanilla extract aroma and a slight alcohol burn. There’s a really nice roasted coffee character in the back, with some slight dark caramel and toffee on the nose. Esters of fruit, fig, raisin, and other dark fruits. A light spice, with an almost cinnamon-like note.”

Flavor: “The nutty character dominates up front, similar to a cherry pit with some raisiny tannic flavor. This gives way to light vanilla and almond, but quickly fades to a medium-high roast character of caramel and bread crust. In the middle, coffee notes support. The sweetness was pronounced and enhanced the dark-fruit esters.”

Overall: “The nutty amaretto character of the beer dominates, with needed roast complexity to balance. Thin body and high carbonation undermine the creaminess. The flavors didn’t quite run together, but rise and fall in isolation. The individual components are nice, but the beer needs a touch more roast and body to round things out.”