In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Epic Brewing Imperial Red Ale

Aroma: “Caramel malt along with a touch of roast, toasted coconut, mild vanilla in background, and nice light spicy hops aroma that includes floral and orange. It grows into toast with jam, berries, cherry, and strawberry.”

Flavor: “A spicy and resinous hop flavor forms the backbone of the beer and is accented by dark crystal malt, toffee, toast, unsweetened baker’s chocolate, dark fruits like dates and plums. A touch of bitterness and chalkiness in the finish. The ester profile is fairly clean, complementary, and well fermented.”

Overall: “A big red ale with malt complexity dominated by noble hops character that leaves a resin-forward finish. Some might find it weird thanks to the vanilla and coconut notes, but that makes it bold and ultimately satisfying.”