In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Green's IPA

Aroma: “Fruity and musty hops, green onion; dank, resiny hops character with a touch of caramel candy-like sweetness and a bit of green-apple character. Some grassiness and hints of tomato and Windex.”

Flavor: “Strong green-onion flavor with some resiny, citrusy hops character. Little malt-like sweetness beyond a touch of caramel, but some candy-like sweetness that is a bit astringent and sharp; substantial hops bitterness. New- school hops flavors of tropical fruits and grapefruit. Medium-high carbonation.”

Overall: “Hops carry the beer, and the body provides some nice sweetness, but the astringency from gluten-free malt overwhelms the hops character. A bit more body in the finish than most—a welcome change. The taste is hoppy enough and the medium sweetness brings across enough of an IPA-like experience that hopheads should be somewhat satisfied.”