In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Upland Brewing Company Iridescent

Aroma: “Fruit-forward, with strong notes of fresh apricot and some lemon, with a sort of coriander aroma, which gives it an exotic feel. Spicy ginger notes tickle in the back, mingling with light wood. Underlying perfume and funk, with a touch of sweetness.”

Flavor: “Moderate ginger up front with a touch of apricot in the background. The ginger adds a nice spiciness and earthiness, with the apricot bringing in juiciness and a touch of sweetness. Earthy notes, perfume, stone fruit, and spice give it an herbal-tea quality. Moderate carbonation and medium body highlight the ginger.”

Overall: “The ginger comes through without adding heat. Although it’s a bit over the top, it works. The apricots are just the right level to work with the base beer and let the spices come through, and the acidity and sweetness work well with level of carbonation. Everything about this beer is interesting, complex, and exotic.”