In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Side Project Brewing Jammy

Aroma: “Big juicy ripe blackberry notes with a touch of lactic sourness in the background. Vinous, like red wine. Dark fruit, dried cherry, and blueberry. Peppery and almost earthy.”

Flavor: “Well-balanced fruit and sourness without being overwhelming. The blackberries are super juicy and ripe. Lots of the berry-skin flavor and feel. A touch of acetic in the finish. Make my teeth squeaky. Very wine-like—dry and tannic.”

Overall: “Nice blackberry flavors with just a touch of sweetenss but with a tart dry finish. The fruit and sourness play off of each other well, and the tannins make you want another sip. This beer is very interesting and enjoyable; the wine-like character is really nice.”