In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Green Flash Brewing Company Jibe Session IPA

Aroma: “Light floral hops aroma with an undercurrent of lemon and maybe mint. Delicate kiss of clean malt sweetness and cereal. Pine needles, a little grape- fruit, perhaps a touch of biscuit. As it warms, earthy components reminiscent of wet leaves comes into play.”

Flavor: “Very distinctive citrus hops— lemon, tangerine, and a bit of grapefruit. There’s just enough malt sweetness with the tart citrus to evoke Lemon Heads candy before the bitterness rolls in smoothly. As the beer warms, an earthy mushroom-like character develops, which adds complexity and keeps me interested. Malt body is rather thin.”

Overall: “Nicely balanced, although the bitter finish could be toned down just a little. Flavorful—it may be a session but it doesn’t compromise a lot. An enjoyable low-octane IPA that offers enough hops character for hopheads but remains a drinkable and well-balanced beer. Smooth and refreshing—a light, hoppy beer that would pair well with an afternoon in the hammock.”