In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Ace Cider / The California Cider Company Joker Hard Cider

Aroma: “Light and bright on the nose with hints of red and green apple, moderate pear and pineapple, and a light lavender perfume. A touch of cooked apple adds a darker note.”

Flavor: “Strong white grape flavors with red apple skin astringency and some green apple tartness in the finish. Strong acidity and moderately high carbonation with a very light lingering sweetness. Fairly dry with nice apple depth and maybe a hint of spicy phenol in there, too—a very light wine-like bite.”

Overall: “An aggressive, tannic and tart cider with a touch of sweet-tart-like flavor tinged with strong green apple. Would pair well with a more luscious triple crème cheese or chocolate truffle. After a few sips the acidity becomes less noticeable, and the individual flavors come to the forefront. It’s not overly complex, and a crisper finish wouldn’t hurt, but it has an interesting apple character with enough depth to appeal to discerning drinkers without offending less-experienced palates.”