In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Beachwood Blendery Kriek

Aroma: “Sweet and tart cherries mix with a slight funk and light biscuit malt, giving it an almost cherry-pie sensation. But, there’s complexity, too, with pepper, lemon, hay, and an underlying nutty note.”

Flavor: “Funky and slightly cinnamon spicy flavors that meld with tart and sour fresh cherries. A slight malty sweetness cuts through the tart fruit and comes across bread-like. High carbonation gives it a nice pop to cleanse the palate. Plus, a finish with coconut, oak, and a lingering astringency gives it a slight pucker.”

Overall: “Awesome! Funky and slightly sour liquid cherry pie! The carbonic bite on the finish is the perfect palate cleanser to bring you back for more!