In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


New Belgium Brewing La Folie

Aroma: “Clean apple cider vinegar twang, hint of raspberry seeds. Strong fruit notes—cranberry? Slight cracked pepper phenolic note. Mid-level sour intensity with a light fruity sour aroma. Finishes with a touch of grainy sweet malt aroma.”

Flavor: “High fruit up front similar to a fruit leather. Strong dark fruit sourness and dark malt character that doesn’t give much sweetness but complex bread and toasty bits in the background. Tart cranberry-like astringency. Very earthy and funky Brett character, finishing with a slightly sour bite. Finish is dry and crisp with a lingering tartness.”

Overall: “The funky barnyard flavors and acidity blend very well together. The malt is just enough to support those complex flavors, resulting in a fairly light-bodied beer. Fruity characters with a moderate amount of sour as it warms. Balanced with a good level of carbonation to support it. Sour and astringent.”