In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Bell's Brewery, Inc. Lager of the Lakes

Aroma: “Light malt with subtle sulfur notes. Moderate German hops aroma. Some fruity esters, sweetness, and yeast aroma. A bit of corn-like, wheaty sweetness. Citrusy notes of lemon and orange.”

Flavor: “Smooth malt offset by light hop bitterness. Sweet, corn-like, and wheaty. Spicy hops slide right into the finishing bitterness. Very fruity, but light alcohol flavor. Yeasty, yet clean profile. Light carbonic bite.”

Overall: “Crisp and refreshing, a great beer to take to a cookout. Neither a pils nor a Vienna lager, just an easy-drinking beer. Finish is cleaner than an ale, yet not quite lager-like. If someone brought this to a summer barbecue, everyone would be happy.”