In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Lagunitas PILS

Aroma: “Clean, slight sulfur, low malt and hops aroma overall. Some lemongrass-like citrus in front of some sweet bread maltiness. Floral notes shine through as you rouse it. Retronasal brings out some nice orange and tangerine citrus notes as well as more floral character.”

Flavor: “The complement of the citrus hops notes and the malt sweetness give a candy sweetness, almost like a muted Smarties or Skittles. Frosted- Flakes–flavored skim milk after all the cereal is eaten but the milk remains. Bitterness is a bit restrained, but any more would probably upset the unique malt and hops combination.”

Overall: “Wonderfully unique and boundary-pushing beer that isn’t for the traditionalist, but worth seeking out nonetheless.”