In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Vanberg & DeWulf LambickX De Troch

Aroma: “Lactic tart acidity leads with lemon and orange citrus character and a touch of chalky, light malt character- istics. Brett notes of lemon zest up front and maybe a hint of peppery mercaptan and very light smoky phenolics.”

Flavor: “Bold lactic tartness hits up front with strong lemon and orange. Spiced character and earthy, funky Brett character supports the fruit. Nice carbonation level. While there’s some tartness, it’s fairly softened by age—main flavor is a very nice earthy barnyard. A bit like drinking a margarita given the flavor profile of mostly tart citrus. Dry and lingering acidity.”

Overall: “If you like tart sour candy, you would really enjoy this beer. The lactic sourness isn’t too sticky, and it has a nice warming character with smoky and pepper phenolics that add to the overall complexity. Well aged, very interesting with sour complexity and Brett.”