In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Two Roads Brewing Company Lil Heaven Session IPA

Aroma: “Light citrus and tropical fruit—tangerine and mango with a dash of pineapple. Light and delicate esters of pear and rose. Lemon, hay, bits of pine, and rustic earth. Some cheese as it warms. Slight papery oxidation begins to come out as the hops dissipate.”

Flavor: “Soft and delicate with a malty sweetness mid-palate. Hops bitterness is mellow but sufficient to put this in the IPA range. Herbal, woodsy, and earthy—might make for a great mushroom sauce. Malt body is well-rounded, supple, and welcome.”

Overall: “Very drinkable and refreshing. If you like hops that err on the side of earthy and woodsy, give this one a try. I’d like to use this to make a pan sauce with sauteed mushrooms. Bitterness is firm but nicely restrained. Nice flavor—fruity citrus and pine. A bit too light to mask the oxidation, but it’s a straightforward example of the style.”