In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Ninkasi Brewing Company Lux

Aroma: “Light pils malt, fresh aroma, and a slight bready character. Nice hint of delicate, floral noble hops. Pilsner malt comes through a bit late in the aroma and is reminiscent of white bread. Light sulfur notes and a touch of papery oxidation.”

Flavor: “Grainy pils malt with mild, floral hops. Sweet up front, followed by slightly sharp bitterness that doesn’t overpower the flavor but lingers in the finish. Not harsh, but would like more malt. Lively carbonation. Slight astringency in the aftertaste.”

Overall: “Light-bodied. Doesn’t take long for the hops to move to the front of the flavor and the bitterness becomes the most memorable component. Very tasty even though the lighter malt approach is not exactly to style. Enjoyable and refreshing.”