In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


pFriem Mango Pale Ale

Aroma: “Medium-smooth mango esters complement orange and floral hop aromas. There’s hints of pine resin, light apple, pineapple, guava, and berry. This is bursting with bready, sweet malt aromas.”

Flavor: “Big tropical presence from the mango that dances on top of the citrus and floral hops. Low bitterness is countered by moderate carbonation at the end of the sip. This has a touch of fruit tartness and finishes with a light bitterness and a peach skin-like flavor.”

Overall: “Nicely balanced fruit beer. Some might find it a bit on the sweet side with a lack of hop bitterness, but there’s a good mango fruit character and sweetness throughout. This is a very fruit-forward pale ale—sweet and juicy.”