In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Southern Tier Brewing Company MOKAH

Aroma: “Huge chocolate nose, almost reminiscent of chocolate extract, with little roasted malt or coffee coming through. Very chocolaty (milk chocolate and Hershey’s syrup) and sweet. It is hard to get past the chocolate in the aroma.”

Flavor: “Huge chocolate flavors, mostly reminiscent of a sweet chocolate bar or a chocolate factory. Coffee and roasted malts are subtle and help to balance, but finish is sweet and chocolaty with some slightly minty flavors. Tastes exactly like a mocha frappuccino. Very faint hops bitterness and some alcohol warmth that provides a nice accent.”

Overall: “Very complex, unique beer that showcases chocolate more than coffee. It tastes like a sweet chocolate bar in a glass. It would serve as an incredible example of a chocolate stout, but is lacking as a chocolate coffee stout. This isn't so much a beer as it is a dessert. However, the sweetness is not cloying, and the finish is clean.”