In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Green Flash Brewing Company Natura Morta Plum

Aroma: “Tart lactic, touch of earthy horse blanket, light vanilla and wine/tannic notes, light plum and raspberry. A wonderful fruit aroma—not singularly plum. Subtle peach and even blueberry like a mixed-fruit yogurt cup.”

Flavor: “Plum is very much present in the taste, but a considerable amount is going on—a mineral character adds to the dryness and subtle brinyness of the beer, a subtle earthiness works with the undercurrent of funk and tartness, and it finishes surprisingly dry given the fruit character. Wonderful woody Brett aftertaste, with some tack room leather component.”

Overall: “Very fruit-forward saison with a complex multidimensional Brett character. Slightly bigger body than expected, but still finishes dry. A deliciously complex beer that I want more of.”