In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Neato Bandito

Aroma: “Delicate notes with some slight phenolics, medium honey sweetness, and a touch of cracker, toast, and biscuit notes. Floral aroma from hops is faint and sits in the back. Honey, molasses, and caramel malts. Very clean and lager-like.”

Flavor: “Bitterness up front, with some phenolic tones. Medium honey with some floral hops that add spice and complexity to the balance. The carbonation helps keep the beer refreshing and light, with a very dry finish. A malt sweetness lingers in the finish.”

Overall: “The herbal and floral notes are unexpected, but as you continue to drink, the flavors really open up. Bread and fruitiness are well-balanced, with perhaps a bit of watermelon. A really nice, refreshing Mexican Pilsner.”