In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Alpine Beer Company Nelson

Aroma: “Big citrus, touch of pineapple, moderate grapefruit, moderate tangerine, light phenolic, light banana, light lemongrass, and a hint of honey. Some of the most unique hops characters I’ve come across. There is a distinct spearmint character that somehow works wonderfully with the more subtle citrus notes, light dankiness, and prominent pine.”

Flavor: “Lemon and lemongrass, as in the aroma, with amplified—as in cranked up to level 11—grapefruit. Moderate malt sweetness, touch of resinous pine, moderately dank, strong bitterness, light grassy notes. Lovely creamy mouthfeel! Perhaps the spearmint character heightens the perception, but there is a briskness and lightness to this beer that is unique and quite welcomed. There is still a prominent piney character to balance the spearmint, but it doesn’t overpower.”

Overall: “Fairly well balanced IPA with some malt sweetness and a fair bit of resinous goodness. Balanced more to bitterness and earthiness at the end and citrus and malt up front. This beer is like walking through the meadows in the mountains after peaceful snow.”