In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Evil Twin Nomader Weisse

Aroma: “Smells a bit like a dry cider, with some light apple sweetness. Moderately sour, with light orange and lemon, but mostly sour. Also some subtle fruity and floral notes with some malty biscuit.”

Flavor: “The tartness up front is bold with some nice big white grape acidity and lemon-like tartness—nice balance of the acidity and fruity notes of tropical fruits and mango. Very little carbonation—a bit could help the balance. The beer finishes clean and refreshing through the taste.”

Overall: “The tartness and sweetness balanced with a nice, clean, refreshing finish. A bit more carbonation would help balance the sour and sweet. If you like sours, this Berliner is for you. The sharpness can cut through a dry mouth of a summer day. Very refreshing and enjoyable to quench a thirst.”