In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Nooner Pilsner

Aroma: “Light fruity esters, with a touch of Pilsner malt, but very low aroma overall. Some sweet breadiness and light citrus, with a mild floral spice. Lemon and pepper, with some biscuit underneath that’s very delicate.”

Flavor: “The front hits with some bready biscuit malt sweetness, as well as some cracker. Light, fruity citrus notes, with some pear, watermelon, and spice character. The hops are floral and spicy, which balances the malt sweetness. The bitterness is a bit bigger than the malt and hops flavors, but the beer is smooth, with a creamy mouthful.”

Overall: “Dry and light, with a bitterness up front that’s not too overwhelming, followed by the sweetness of the malt in the middle, and a creamy sweetness. Clean and refreshing.”