In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Great Divide Brewing Company Oak Aged Y

Aroma: “Fairly muted roasty nose with some chocolate character to be found if you dig deep enough. It’s roasty and toasty with some vanilla and some ash and sawdust. Some metallic tang from the hops, with a much bigger hops aroma than the style usually offers. Not much from the oak barrel in the aroma.”

Flavor: “A very rich blend of dark chocolate and a significant amount of dark roasted malt—likely roasted barley and black patent. There’s a touch of vanilla and tannin that help to smooth all the roast. A touch of dark fruit ester notes, with some woodiness and a bit of astringency, followed by a significant hops bitterness and big hops flavor. The body is medium, and on the sweet side of neutral, but the roast helps to dry out the finish, which helps it avoid being cloying. The finish is a bit harsh, with lots of roast malt and hops bitterness, and a bit of solventy nasal burn from the rough alcohol.”

Overall: “There’s some delicious stuff in here, but it’s pretty much broadsided by the taste in the finish. The oak only plays a supporting role. The flavors need more cohesion, and the alcohol and bitterness need to be toned down a touch.”