In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Big Sky Brewing Olde Bluehair

Aroma: “Nice oak aroma and big fruity (apricot/peach) esters. Alcohol is clean and assertive, somewhat vinous. Sharp, tangy citrus aroma. Malt bill is hard to distinguish.”

Flavor: “Sherry and oxidation that complement the overall avor. Dried fruit (apricot). Very warming, but not hot. A sweet, full mouthful with a honey-blos- som malt character and a strong citrusy avor. A smidge of hop bitterness. Nice wood character. De nitely a well- used barrel, but still some oak notes throughout.”

Overall: “Quite tasty, but not your stan- dard barleywine. There is no noticeable roasted malt character, and the citrusy character throws you for a loop. The wood character is complementary rather than assertive and the alcohol presence needs some time to mellow out. The earthy mustiness blends well with the lighter malt bill and fairly low hopping rate.”