In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Elysian Brewing Company Omen Belgian-Style Raspberry Stout

Aroma: “Raspberries dominate with a dark chocolate malt background. This reminds me of raspberry chocolate mousse my mom made when I was young. Some nice roasted malt and chocolate in the aroma, but not enough to balance the fruit.”

Flavor: “Big raspberries supported by dark chocolate malt. Medium to light sweetness and bitterness throughout with a firm acidity from the fruit. Finishes medium dry. Not a lot of roast in the initial impression, but the aftertaste is coffee and black malt. Still, the stout flavor is quite understated.”

Overall: “Chocolate covered raspberries! Captures the real complexity of the raspberry—not just sweet, but tart. Very creative and easy-drinking beer that would benefit from fuller body and more chocolate sweetness.”