In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Original Ritterguts Gose

Aroma: “Sweet tart acidity is present in the nose, with fruity notes of apple, cherries, dark grape, and some sweet wheat. Light lemon and salt, with very faint malt and some earthy funk. Light sour emerges as it warms. Overall, the aromas are light, refreshing, and unassertive.”

Flavor: “Hints of apple with some mild tartness, and the noticeable salty character adds flavor. The malt expresses a bread-like sweetness with some subtle spices that add complexity. Lactic tartness hits up front and carries through the finishing sip. The moderate grape adds a touch of light, watery vinegar for background depth. A dry carbonic bite carries in the finish.”

Overall: “A little high on the salt and low on the carbonation, but still refreshing. A bit more body would have rounded it out, but overall, some great subtle fruit flavors. Straightforward and highly drinkable.”