In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Jackie O’s Brewery Oro Negro

Aroma: “Cinnamon raisin bread! Light chocolate note with a medium alcohol note as it starts to warm. Chocolate-covered oranges. Some roast coffee notes. A light suggestion of spicy chile warmth.”

Flavor: “Moderate chile flavor and chocolate up front with cinnamon spices. A pleasant and subtle heat starts to grow in the aftertaste but doesn't go too high. Very well balanced spice to chile flavor. Very nice chocolate flavor that falls between hot cocoa and dark chocolate. Moderate ginger and cinnamon spice brings some heat. The sweet malt support is likeable, but wish there were more roast.”

Overall: “It is like drinking cinnamon raisin bread with the raisins coming mostly at the end of the sip. Christmas cookies with a chile chaser. A nice alcohol warming complements the chocolate and body. This is more spice than chile, but it is good nonetheless. For a stout, this could use more roast. If you told me this was a spiced porter I’d believe you.”