In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Oskar Blues Brewery IPA

Aroma: “Dank and citrusy with tons of grapefruit and a candy-like aroma of lemon Starburst and Smarties. A green hoppy note joins the party along with a hint of black currant, plus some dank and resinous hops.”

Flavor: “I'm immediately hit by how dry this beer is. A hint of grainy malt avor, but this is all about the hops, which come through with lemon, green, and a bit of pine resin. Strong citrus character and good body.”

Overall: “LOVE this beer. Definitely more on the bitter spectrum for a light body IPA, but still very well-balanced. Tastes like it was dry hopped yesterday—a great, super drinkable, hops-forward IPA. Its tough to pull off a IPA this dry, but they manage to do it. I really like the hops complexity in this one with a nice balance between floral, citrus, and dank hops. The candy-like hops character was excellent and added tons of nuance.”