In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Tired Hands Brewing Company Ourison

Aroma: “There’s a strong Brett funk on the front of the nose—an earthiness along with tangerine and lemon tartness. The citrus aroma is like fresh zest from lemons and limes.”

Flavor: “A bold lemon tartness comes through up front. The Brett funk is nice and helps cut through the acidity. Nice citrus and pineapple, plus good carbonation and a clean finish. The citrus character is the star of the show, but doesn’t steal too much from the prominent, yet delicate Brett character.”

Overall: “This beer has bold flavors yet has a delicateness and strong personality about it—a pleasant acidity, nice tartness, good warmth, and a clean finish, with alluring and endearing Brett character. A perfect marriage of citrus and funk. I’m not sure how they got these flavors to work so well together, but the brewers made a wonderful beer that I feel lucky to have enjoyed.”