In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Ovila Abbey Saison

Aroma: “Strong aromas of fresh-cracked black pepper and cloves balanced by sweet citrus. Light caramel malt sweetness with subtle solvent and light phenolic character. Some interesting esters of pear and ripe apple.”

Flavor: “A good balance of fruit with spicy pepper notes. Peppercorns continue through from the aroma. Lemony sweetness with soft malt sweetness and moderate bitterness from earthy hops. Medium body with high carbonation. A touch of tartness offers brightness in the dry, slightly warm finish.”

Overall: “A nicely spiced example of a saison. Flavor profile is good with some lingering off notes in the aroma. Fruity, spicy, and dry. Complex character makes this a very enjoyable if, perhaps too-young, beer.”