In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Funkwerks Paisley

Aroma: “A strong floral aroma comes through up front. Pineapple Brett-funk character adds some earthiness and slight fruitiness. Coupled with the Brett flavors is a strong floral, almost fancy soap-like character. Sweet, fruity, floral, mixed berries, and a hint of funk.”

Flavor: “A mango-like sweetness carries throughout and works with the spice notes. Pineapple and orange Brett funk with a huge rose-floral (geraniol) character. The finish is dry with low bitterness and moderate carbonation. Strong Brett funk, but tempered with some saison yeast fruity ester and malt sweetness.”

Overall: “I enjoyed the blend of the mango fruitiness with the spice. It had some complexity that worked, and the spice from the alcohol heat was nice. Nice pineapple and orange Brett funk, but the rose-floral character is really strong. Some unique and intriguing flavors that play a little against style, but add up for a nice experience.”