In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Shmaltz Pastrami Pilsner

Aroma: “Clean malt backbone supports a blend of peppercorns along with some herbal character, possibly dill, coriander, thyme, mint. Olive brine, earthy, mushrooms. Smoked malt.”

Flavor: “The blend of phenolics and herbs carries into the palate. Also, a strong smoky and salty character gives the impression of meat. Nice spiced malt sweetness with rye notes that dries out quickly, leaving one to break down the lingering flavors of olive pit, peppercorns, mushroom, umami. Finishes fairly dry and slightly bitter.”

Overall: “The spicy peppercorn flavor and the smoked malt character are a nice combination. Bold brewers making bold beers that deliver on the promise. Sure the cured, salty meatiness is missing, but many of the other integral flavors are present and pleasant and work to make a unique, yet gimmicky beer that is worth seeking out.”