In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


AC Golden Brewing Company Peche

Aroma: “Fresh peaches up front, with a hint of apricot and even nectarine. Slight sulfur, light pineapple and banana. Brett funk and fruitiness come through in the nose. Hints of smoky, burnt rubber—a bit phenolic. Tartness comes through mostly as lactic acid, reminiscent of a Berliner or Gose.”

Flavor: “Nice peach fruitiness with a touch of apricot. A very subtle hint of butter along with the peach. Tart citric sourness quickly melds with fairly strong peaches and starts to overtake the fruit. The Brett character adds complexity without too much funk. Slight undertone of rubber/sulfur lingers in the aftertaste. Touch of husky graininess at the tail end.”

Overall: “Good sour, but a little thin, and the fruit characteristics are pretty light. Nice showcase of peach character with a decent tartness and acidity that could be dialed back just a bit more to better highlight the fruit.”