In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Alvarado Street Peninsula Pilsner

Aroma: “Slight phenolic and resin notes up front, almost plastic-like or waxed candy. Moderate perfume and fruity floral hops aromas. Very subtle biscuit and bread malt.”

Flavor: “Similar to the aroma, with moderate-to-high perfume and sweet spicy hops flavors. Just enough biscuit and bready malt to keep the balance in check. The spiciness from the hops dances off of the medium carbonation to help lighten what feels like a higher gravity beer.”

Overall: “The hops definitely take the lead here. A beer that overthinks its hops choice, which ultimately distracts from a decent malt profile and clean ferment. Not a Pils to drink all day, but tasty nonetheless.”