In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


pFriem Gose

Aroma: “Sweet and tart fruity lemon-like notes are present on the nose, with some tropical fruit tones of passionfruit and melon. Some salt character is pronounced, with a subtle underlying sulfur tone.”

Flavor: “This beer has a nice balance of sweetness with a slight tartness and some salt character. Some passionfruit and melon, with light raisins mixed with mango. The salt comes through midway, along with some light sweetness, then finishes with a moderate sourness and malty wheat-like sweetness. Moderate carbonation with a medium body.”

Overall: “Enjoyable. The malt sweetness held on a bit but was not overpowering. The sour is more pronounced than the fruitiness and extends after the finish. As the carbonation diminishes, the flavor becomes mostly sour with a touch of citrus, or flat. Easy drinking.”