In a blind tasting by BJCP trained experts, this beer rated


Heavy Seas Beer Phantom Ship

Aroma: “Very mild aroma and nice floral hops, pepper, slight vanilla, and some orange and citrus, pineapple, ripe apples, and banana. The longer it sits, the more the malt is noticeable, but it’s not much of an attention grabber.”

Flavor: “Nice blend of bready sweetness with enough vanilla and coconut to let you know there was a barrel. A good peppery phenol. Orange, slight lemon, candied pineapple, caramel apple, and dried banana flavors. Floral hops help to cut the sweetness. Medium carbonation helps to dry the beer out in the finish. Simple malt character is balanced with equally simple bitterness.”

Overall: “A good balance among the floral, spiciness, and fruit sweetness, mixed with the vanilla from the barrel. A solid beer and well made, but doesn’t risk much and, as a result, offers less reward.”